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We are brothers Damion and Aaron Pallasch, founders, co-owners, and operators of Award Window Cleaning. We built our window washing business with two goals in mind: to perfect the art of customer satisfaction and to excel in our ability to serve.

Before coming together to start our own San Diego window cleaning company, we established ourselves as leaders in customer service in fields ranging from managing paint projects to running restaurants. We both learned the value of hard work through successes and failures, and we discovered we both had a natural talent for motivating and serving others.

Aaron was first introduced to window cleaning by our uncle. He excelled and went on to become a subcontractor for another San Diego area window washing business. Meanwhile Damion, after taking business courses at a local college, was looking for a way to apply his new knowledge of business models. After seeing Aaron’s success, he learned the trade from his brother and then he too joined a window cleaning company to learn the business.

In 2000, we opened Award Window Cleaning together and since then we have been one of the fastest growing small businesses in San Diego County. As the owner/operators, we are proud of our ability to serve and we stand behind every project we take on.

We personally oversee every AWC window washing operation, residential or commercial, to ensure that it falls in line with our company values of dependability, integrity, and service that goes above and beyond the expected. We are perfectionists who keep our own windows in sparkling order. Every one of our employees is a valued and trusted member of our team whom we have personally trained to meet our exacting standards. We will work with you on your budget because we believe window cleaning isn’t a luxury, but a necessity.

We are so confident you will love what we can do for your windows that we are pleased to offer our Award Window Cleaning satisfaction guarantee: if for any reason you aren’t satisfied with your window cleaning, we will refund you 100%.

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