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Residential Services

Our year round sunny climate and our proximity to the ocean can take their toll on your glass.

Your tenants expect the best, and so do you. Give everyone what they want with Award Window Cleaning!

From the largest office building to the smallest rental property, we provide quality commercial window washing at competitive rates across the San Diego area. Improve your curb appeal and your tenant and employee happiness with sparkling, clean windows.

Exterior window cleaning service

  • We wipe your window frames and tracks free of cobwebs, dirt and debris, then spraying frames, sills and tracks with a professional cleaning solution that is biodegradable and safe for plant life.
  • Windows are wet with purified water and a microfiber strip washer, then handscrubbed with a non-scratch scrubber or 0000 fine steel wool. Paint or construction debris is carefully removed using a safe scratch proof blade method.
  • Window panes are again wetted with purified water and professional solution and a squeegee is used to wipe the remaining water away, restoring your perfect view!
  • Finally, the screens are deep cleaned by hand using a professional degreaser and then hosed off. Screens are dried and the edges wiped before re-installation.

Interior window cleaning service

  • We carefully remove all items moved from window sills. Any furniture in the way is moved with care, and the original location noted so that it will be put back correctly.
  • Window tracks are vacuumed and sprayed with lubricating cleaner, then wiped clean along with sills and frames
  • Each window pane is cleaned with purified water and microfiber wand
  • A squeegee is used to wipe away remaining water and restore the perfect view again.
  • All furniture is then put back in the original fashion and blinds returned to their original position.
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